Click the bold link below for the sign-up sheets for WMSTR Church Stand work crews.

There are several sheets to this sign up. Navigate through them by clicking on the tabs (the tabs will either be on the top of the page or the
bottom depending on how you are accessing the document). There are tabs for the following:

Listing of the Dates
Job Descriptions
Gate Passes sign up
Prep Dates sign up
Friday Sign up
Sat-Sun Dining Sign up (Full Breakfast & Dinner Crew)
Sat-Sun Counter Sign up (Short Orders/Burgers Crew)
Monday Youth Sign up

If you are unable to make an edit to add your name, please double check top of page for an “Open With” tab, select Google Sheets and then you should be able to add your name. Please reach out with any questions or for futher assistance.

Click for access to sign-up sheets