INTER-GENERATIONAL Vacation Bible School

INTER-GENERATIONAL Vacation Bible School  

(Ages: Birth  to Jesus!)

August 2–5   5:30 PM Meal; 6-8 PM Program @ Rollag        

Theme: Journey Together

This year VBS will be inter-generational, meaning that it will be for the whole family – and for people of all ages! Together, we’ll  explore the Bible, the Holy Spirit, being Disciples, our Church, and our World together. 

–        Registration Forms are available here and at churches. (Due  7/30/21) Cost: $10/person; $25/family.

–       Sign up to help prepare a meal! The meal Sign up sheet is at Rollag. Contact Pr. Hope for details!

–       We are accepting financial donations to  help buy VBS supplies. If you are interested, please make checks payable to GPR Parish with VBS in  the memo line. 

Annual Meeting Information

January 25, 2021

Dear Rollag Lutheran members,

As most of you are aware Rollag Lutheran Church opened its doors back to in-person worship on Sunday, January 24th. We are excited to be back in the pews each week, and it is a strong testament to see the number of members that joined us this past Sunday. We will continue to deal with the challenges that Covid-19 brings and the restrictions that continue to be in place. Our goal is to maintain a safe environment that all members attending in-person church feel safe and comfortable as well as continuing to support all our members. It is important to remember that we respect the decision of members that are not quite ready to join us with in-person service, we hear your concerns, we respect your concerns, and we will continue to provide you with a weekly online Church service to view at home.
The Rollag Church Annual meeting will be held on site on February 7th after the 9:30am service. The quorum for the meeting is 25. All voting members are encouraged to attend this meeting. For those individuals that are unable to attend we will be hosting an online meeting platform that will give those individuals the ability to view and listen online. All attendees on the online meeting will be muted and unable to communicate via the online platform. For questions and comments, you will be able to message a comment via the chat feature on the message platform as well as call into the Church to speak with a church council member and voice your question. Additionally, after the meeting has ended those members that were unable to attend in-person will have the ability to drive to the church and cast their ballot from their vehicle. There will be 60 minutes allocated from after the meeting adjourns for all members to cast their ballots.
The goal and focus of the Rollag Council is to conduct our necessary business in a safe and effective manner while allowing all members an opportunity to take part in this process.
If you are unable to attend the annual meeting please reach out using the information below to receive a meeting link, agenda, and financial details.

Please send an email to:
[email protected]. Please use “Online Annual Meeting” as the subject of the email.

God Bless,
Austin Peterson – Rollag Council President

Road to Emmaus

Road to Emmaus Wellness Guide by Portico Health Benefits
Join an 8-week journey with the disciples on the Road to Emmaus as you contemplate your own wellbeing
Road to Emmaus

Women’s Mutual Ministry: Grow in Faith

Women's Ministries

Calling All Women: Grow in YOUR Faith

By Pastor Hope Deutscher

“And I pray that Christ will be more and more at home in your hearts, living within you as you trust in him. May your roots go down deep into the soil of God’s marvelous love…” – Ephesians 3:17

   Our faith needs to be tended to and nurtured, just like a plant or garden. And it’s okay to start small, like a mustard seed. Some ways we can nurture our faith include: attending Bible studies; reading the Bible or devotionals at home; gathering around the dinner table with our family and talking about where you saw God in your day; or talking about your faith with friends and being honest about what questions or doubts you have? Together, we can explore our faith and ask those tough questions, read about the people and events in the Bible and talk about how our faith intersects with our busy lives.

   I’d like to invite all women to join me and the Women’s Mutual Ministry team (Joy Bang, Tina Lien, Heather Strawsell, Nancy Spillum, Melissa Mickelson, and Judy Shulstad) on Saturday, April 14th from 9-11 a.m. at the Garrick Theater in Hawley. I think this will be a great event providing an opportunity for personal growth. For two hours we can take care of ourselves and be fed and nurtured spiritually. And as four congregations we are growing in our own ministry within our churches and within the community, reaching out to other women who may not have a place to grow their faith and spirituality.